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Interior doors

Interior doors

Decorative trim / Strip / Door leaf / Door handle set / Lock / Fold with seal / Strike plate / Frame

Depending on their make, adjustable frames feature a variable range so that the frame will fit well even if the walls are uneven.

Installing interior doors

The wall opening is dimensioned precisely for the door frame. If necessary, plaster or masonry must be removed. The frame pin connections can compensate for wall differences of approx. 16 mm.

1. Assemble the frame in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions (use packaging cardboard as an underlay during assembly to protect against damage).
2. Insert this into the wall opening. The frame is fixed across its width with transverse staves. Add a wooden disc and cardboard underlay when clamping the staves in order to avoid damage to the frame. Adjust the frame for vertical accuracy using wooden wedges.
3. Temporarily hook in the door leaf and check for function.
4. Fill hollows with installation foam and then push the decorative trim into the frame element.

Designs and door locks

Door designs

Whether rustic, timeless or state-of-the-art modern, you are sure to find a door to suit your tastes here. And our range of handle sets is just a large as our selection of interior doors. Door handles are frequently used; therefore functionality is as important as the design. Also, the feel of the handle in your hand is just as important. Display your love of detail by choosing the perfect handle set.

Replacing door locks

1. The handle pin is knocked out using a long mandrel, and the handle and side sections are removed.
2. Now remove the fastening screws.
3. Then push the screwdriver through the socket and loosen the lock with a sharp tug.
4. The lock can now be removed. Take it with you as a template when purchasing the new lock.
5. Occasional lubrication is good for your lock. However, do not use oil. Graphite or a special lubricant is best.

Tools and dimensions

Spirit level
Folding rule
Wooden wedges
Installation foam
Wood glue

How large is the wall opening?

Dimensions in cm Wall opening DIN 18 100 Ext. dim. Door leaf nom. dim. W (frame dim.)
Width 63.5 61.0
  76.0 73.5
  88.5 86.0
  101.0 98.5
Height 200.5 198.5

How thick is the finished wall?

Wall thickness Frame dimensions
8.0 to 9.8 cm 8.0 cm
10.0 to 11.8 cm 10.0 cm
12.0 to 13.8 cm 12.0 cm
14.0 to 15.8 cm 14.0 cm
16.0 to 17.8 cm 16.0 cm
18.0 to 19.8 cm 18.0 cm
20.0 to 21.8 cm 20.0 cm
23.0 to 24.8 cm 23.0 cm
26.5 to 28.3 cm 26.5 cm
28.5 to 30.3 cm 28.5 cm
32.5 to 34.3 cm 32.5 cm