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Outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting

With carefully selected outdoor lighting, not only can we generate a pleasant atmosphere around our house, but also make a major contribution towards the security of our house and property. Well-planned illumination can place our familiar image of house, yard and garden in a completely new light. The diversity of the lighting options matches the diversity of the lamps available. Whether for wall mounting, on top of a pedestal or a wall, or as free-standing lamps, the right illumination is always advantageous.

Security through correct illumination

Path lamp, pedestal lamp, mast lamp (from left to right)

Suitable lighting can play a major role in the security of your house. Primarily, of course, the building entrances, staircases and the yard entrance must be equipped with lighting so that inhabitants and visitors have safe access to the house. The lamps can be switched on using a switch if required, or operated automatically (twilight switch), or programmed using a timer.

However, motion sensors are far more convenient. As a separate control unit, these can operate one or several lamps. Another possibility is lamps with integrated motion sensors. These detect the location of the lamp within a certain range. Depending on the model, motion sensors can be adjusted in sensitivity using an adjusting screw. They then detect all movement within a certain radius. The resulting sudden illumination acts as a deterrent on unwanted guests. House inhabitants and visitors are delighted by a bright and welcoming reception.

In order to guarantee security without gaps, the motion sensor must have a gapless detection range all around the house. If even only one weak point exists, the entire effort is rendered ineffective. Ideally, wall lamps with motion sensors should be installed on several walls of the house. In addition to motion sensors, of course, other devices such as a sound recording device or a video camera can be connected. With a little manual dexterity, further security precautions can therefore be taken.


Outdoor lamps are a further design element, using which we can add accentuations. In addition, outdoor lamps have to meet high standards. They are subjected to all kinds of weather conditions such as rain, wind and temperature fluctuations. With regard to these strains, installation should be carried out with appropriate care. The safety guidelines for lamps always stipulate use in accordance with the intended purpose. An electrician should connect them to the electrical supply network.

Wall and ceiling lamps

Floor lamps

Pedestal lamp large
Path lamp
Mast lamp Single-flame
Mast lamp 3-flame

Pedestal lamps

Wall lamps for house entrances

Electricity in your garden

Electrical safety

Lighting and live parts in outdoor use must be resistant against damp. The requirements placed on these parts are far higher in outdoor areas than inside. Live cables must be protected and laid so that they cannot be damaged (e.g. due to digging work). Empty conduits are used when laying ground cables. The lamps must be approved for use outdoors. The symbols VDE, GS and TÜV mean that these lamps have been produced in accordance with the valid safety regulations. At least protection class "Rain protected" is required for roofed installation locations. In non-roofed areas, "Splash-proof" is stipulated. An electrician should connect the lamps to the electrical supply network.

Markings from left to right “Splash-proof” and “Rain protected”.
Empty conduit for laying electrical cables in ground environments.

Power and lighting in the garden

Garden socket with earth spike / Halogen spotlight with earth spike

It is possible to change the location of spotlights with earth spikes. They are generally completely assembled with cable and plug-in connection. The lighting can be easily and quickly adapted to changed requirements. It is also possible to change the location of garden sockets with earth spikes. They are ideal if, for example, the power is only required in summer.

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Markings from left to right “Splash-proof” and “Rain protected”.

Empty conduit for laying electrical cables in ground environments.