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Planning and partners

Searching for and finding building partners

You have decided on your plans for your dream home, and have delineated the appropriate financial framework. Perhaps your municipality has already offered you an attractive property ready for development. Now the details have to be considered. Here, too, the following applies: good preparations are decisive. You should always invest sufficient time for such preparations.

Construction partner No. 1: Your EUROBAUSTOFF specialist trader

It is best if you come to us with your ideas first of all. We will advise you in detail; provide you with valuable tips and present to you the latest construction technologies, materials and examples. If you wish, we can recommend you good architects and reliable tradesmen from all trades – directly from your region. This initial and valuable orientation is completely free of charge for you!

Irreplaceable: Specialist consultation in advance

Even when selecting a property, you should consult an architect or construction company, as property locations and neighbourhood situations will influence building and design methods and are therefore relevant to your budget. Expert advice in advance is also irreplaceable when dealing with construction applications and approval procedures.