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A cellar – yes or no?

A “fundamental“ decision

At first glance, it appears tempting to save completely on the expenses of building a cellar in a house in order to keep the cost of the overall project low. However, when considered more carefully, the following becomes apparent: a cellar provides 35 % more living and useful area – and that at a relatively low additional cost. How?

A cellar is worthwhile

Even without a cellar, foundation costs of € 20,000 must be budgeted for, amongst other things for earth excavations, the floorplate and damp protection measures. In addition, not having a cellar means that useful areas have to be reserved inside the house itself; storage rooms, space for heating systems, space for washing machines and room for household activities. If we remember that a 100 m2 cellar “only” costs between € 20,000 and € 35,000, the additional expenses are thus reduced to approximately € 10,000. If we counter these costs with the useful value and the increase in resale value of your house, there is no alternative but to build a cellar. Please find interesting details and solutions over the following pages!

Good for families

Cellar rooms represent important alternative areas which can substantially ease the strain on family life. DIY work; celebrating parties, playing music or simply retreating from the rest of the family for a while – a developed cellar storey leaves all your options open. In addition, it is possible to house guests there for a longer period of time, or cohabitants or subtenants whose rental contributions make house financing easier.

Good for your job

Working from home completely or in part is now an accepted trend. A separate cellar storey provides the ideal prerequisites for the inexpensive operation of a home office or even a small company. Professionally sealed and thermally insulated, these rooms will remain warm and dry for the entire lifetime of the house. Large cellar windows and special embankments ensure that sufficient sunlight can filter in.

The right cellar concept for every budget

You have the choice – for a cellar completely according to your possibilities. A high cellar, for example, projects 50 to 80 cm above the ground, requires less excavation work and can even save you a separately roofed entrance.
In addition to a completely walled cellar, it is also possible to have parts of a cellar or an entire cellar prefabricated out of masonry panels or prefabricated concrete parts. The advantage: high fit accuracy at a fixed price. The finished cellar can then be developed in stages, and thus flexibly adapted to your current situation and budget.