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Robust, healthy to live in and high-value: You can build on this wood!

Gaining space; letting in light and air; these are the advantages of completely redesigning the roof timbers of your home. By the way, obtaining approval for such measures is obligatory if you alter the appearance and the statics of your house, or install outdoor seating areas, balconies or gables. The reward for your efforts: a completely new “house on a house” which fulfils everything you might have dreamed of in your new living surroundings. Space to live and work; for children, hobbies and guests. Light and air. Security and protection against wind and weather. And, of course, substantial energy savings, against which your original attic storey energy consumption will pale. It is therefore high time to implement your dream. Start your project using modern wood-based products for ecological reasons, and make it a “green” undertaking from the word go!

The duo for new efficiency: Timber frame construction + wood-fibre insulation boards

How about having your roof timbers completely or partially prefabricated at a specialised tradesmen’s works? The technical term “timber frame construction” designates a panel construction method used in Scandinavia and many other countries, which has been modified and adapted to accord with German building laws. Here robust timber frames support your roof timbers, on request reinforced with wood-fibre insulation boards. The advantage: minimal construction times independent of the weather conditions!

Board laminated timber: new lightweight building construction materials

Board laminated timber elements are exceptionally sturdy components for your roof timbers, and have proven their worth in all load-bearing and supporting functions. The elements are produced from three and more layers of solid wood carefully adhered to each other, whereby spruce, fir, pine, larch or Douglas fir are generally used. The advantage: using board laminated timber, more individual and far larger components can be produced in comparison to solid wood alone. These components have higher crack strengths and can bear higher loads than solid woods – ideal for today’s generously-sized roof timbers. Solid shell construction panels made of board laminated wood work well with these constructions. They can be used in many areas of a building and have proven their worth as lightweight and yet highly robust alternatives to beams or planks made of solid wood.

For innovative, thermally-insulating constructions

Artificial resin-bonded fibreboard is moisture-resistant, vapour-permeable and also suitable for reinforcing and windproofing and thermally-insulating exterior planking. However, it can also be used as a second, water-conducting layer. The panels can be ideally integrated into timber frame constructions for exterior planking of the wall and roof elements, but can also be used within the scope of roof design on solid building constructions. And this with impressive thermal transition coefficients of 0.09 W/ m²K!