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Drainage is given a face-lift

Roofs have to be drained, otherwise contamination and building structure damage will result. But do roof gutters and downpipes have to look ugly? Not necessarily! Modern roof drainage systems perfectly match brickwork, slate, natural stone, wood and metal.


Gutters and pipes are architectural details

Subtle functionality instead of conspicuous, shiny metal: ensure that your new roof drainage is not an eyesore, interfering with the appearance of your house. Roof gutters and pipes with pre-weathered surfaces provide the required visual reticence. Matching gutter brackets, pipe clamps, arches, hook-in outlet pipes, rainwater collectors and many more products are available to complement the gutters and pipes.

A discreet appearance for a harmonious facade image

Bright rolled titanium zinc, from which gutters and pipes are generally produced, is light in colour, and shines brightly in the sun - which can make new drainage systems look unfavourably conspicuous. The solution: pre-weathered surfaces in a discreet light grey colour, which make your new drainage system look as though it was applied some years ago. Drainage systems in anthracite colour shades look particularly good with slate roofs, harmonising particularly successfully with their dark colours.