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"Top models" on your roof

An exciting decision: Which covering should we put on our roof? There are many "top models" vying for this honour: Roofing tiles, roofing plates and shingles are the classic variants traditional in our country. Consider the advantages of each material carefully. Your decision will not be easy, as the offers provided by our manufacturers are of the highest quality. You will find useful tips on the following pages. And of course you can also contact your EUROBAUSTOFF specialist trader!


Roofing tiles radiate warmth

Roofing tiles are manufactured from clay, a reasonably-priced building material tried and tested for thousands of years, and at the same time an extremely robust roof covering. This material is fired at approx. 1000° C and gives houses a familiar and valued warm, homely appearance. A roof covering made from tiles always radiates naturalness and a feeling of security.

Ecology on the roof

Roofing plates also win out regarding environmental benefits. The Freiburger Öko- Institut e.V. (Freiburg Institute for Applied Ecology) has found out that a roof covered using roofing plates causes only half as much greenhouse gas during manufacturing compared to the same size of roof made from roofing tiles. This is due to the energy expenditure generated by the production process, which is around two thirds less than for the production of roofing tiles.

Roofing plates are becoming increasingly harder

Roofing plates are made from concrete which is cured at approx. 60° C. This building material convinces customers especially thanks to its strength, Its environmental compatibility and its high sound-insulating efficacy. Roofs made from roofing plates are extremely durable and also able to defy difficult weather conditions, such as hail and storms. An astonishing fact: Roofing plates actually become harder in the course of their lifecycle. Roofing plates are also dimensionally precise, the reasons being the material itself and the modern production process. Accordingly, roofing plates can be quickly and conveniently laid by the roofer, which saves both time and money.

Wind tunnel-tested and with guarantee

The roofing plates and tiles of our brand manufacturers earn your complete trust. Did you know that some roofing plates and tiles have even been tested in a wind tunnel and climatic chamber in order to optimise their qualities and to coordinate their shape, colours and function? After all, manufacturers wanted to know exactly what they are providing a guarantee for. Up to 30 year’s guarantee on the material and an additional guarantee for frost resistance are possible. Isn’t that a statement?

Clearly defined shapes conjure up sophisticated images

Flat roofing plates create a sophisticated, modern reduced structure on the roof and thereby also simplify laying, which in turn helps to save on costs. A profile on the underside of the plates guarantees the secure connection of the roofing plates to one another and to the battens –for extra stability, important in these stormy times of climatic change. Furthermore, the bonding cover improves the rainproof qualities of the material.

Always looks freshly covered

Modern materials technology has also done an outstanding job in the area of roofing materials. For around 10 years, roofing plates with a special so-called long life surface have been available. Here, a fine coating prevents the adherence of dirt particles, algae or lichen. The particles are simply washed away from the roof by the next rain shower. As a result, the roof always appears clean down to the visible edge – as if freshly clad!