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The last two winters were rather severe. Those with a warm fireplace at home, and perhaps even a connected heating system, could think themselves lucky. Sitting at the crackling fire in the evening, adsorbing the pleasant warmth radiating from it, and also enjoying the feeling of being, at least in part, independent of the capers occurring on the energy market – when weighed against the joy a fireplace brings to a family, the investment required is comparatively small.


More comfort with every log!

Heating with logs, pellets and wood chips is fascinating and almost primordial – and can completely replace energy sources such as gas or oil. In addition: wood is always CO2-neutral as it burns. Not only that, but this energy source is available in large amounts in our native country. The transportation routes are therefore short – which is also good for the environment. If you wish to get even more out of wood as a natural energy source, select an innovative heating system which is already integrated into the chimney stack. Chimney modules with a viewing panel and chimney form a unit – and require very little space. If you also install a heat exchanger, you can store thermal energy and use it to produce hot water. With further additions, you can develop your chimney into an environmentally-friendly heating system for the entire house.

Enjoy your fireplace, even in a passive house

Fireplaces and stoves in passive houses require their own air supply, as passive houses are air-tight constructions. Chimney stack systems with passive house certification are equipped with their own supply air channel, which provides the fireplace with fresh air.

Module solutions by the professionals

Modern chimney systems combine modern technology with energy-conscious wall concepts. Thermally insulating mantle blocks made of bricks can be easily and quickly processed. They provide a high level of protection against cracks in the plaster. The good thermal insulation capability of the brick mantle blocks prevent the generation of condensation in the chimney stack and condensation formation on the surface of the chimney stack.