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Walls for good living comfort

You have decided to build a cellar; now it is time to plan the shell construction. Which building stone you have selected to build the two storeys of your new building will affect the thermal insulation, the fire safety and whether your house is “loud” or not. Chimney installations and ventilation installations enrich private residences with living qualities which you will be able to enjoy daily for many years to come. Last but not least: the roller shutter casings. These are – depending on the thickness of the walls – part of the building shell concept, and must be designed to save energy.

Stones, bricks, innovations

Solid masonry, for example made of pumice or a pumice sand-limestone mixture, classic bricks, aerated concrete, lime-sand bricks or innovative wall bricks made of mineral wool or Perlite filling? Which stone is right for your new construction? You can find out more on these interesting home construction topics on the following pages.

Installing ring beams to save costs

Innovative ring beam panelling helps when erecting a concrete ring beam, which stabilises the masonry by forming a frame around it. The panelling elements consist of two mineral-bound laminated particle boards, which are screwed together with a bracket made of galvanised strip steel and stainless steel screws. One insert stirrup per panelling element facilitates positioning of the reinforcement bars, and the use of expensive reinforcement cages for the positioning of steel bars is no longer necessary. The result: cost savings of up to 30 %.

Making the right decision in terms of energy

You must also conduct important installations at the building shell stage. The investment in a chimney with the appropriate chimney and ventilation system may appear expensive now. But if you calculate the quality of living and the attractiveness of your house, you will see how positively they affect the resale value of your property.