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Decision-making aids about foundations and cellars

The cellar

Our cellars are full of opportunities

Does our new building require a fully-developed cellar? The inexpensive alternative would be a concreted, insulated floor slab. On the other hand: who knows how we will want to live in 10 or 20 years’ time? A cellar is full of options. A storage and utility room, a games room, a hobby or party zone, a fitness, sauna and wellness area, a separate home office or a rented granny flat? A cellar opens up your future dreams. And in addition: a developed cellar floor increases the resale value of your property!


Calculate correctly from the start

80 % of all home builders opt for a developed cellar. And they are right to do so. One should calculate approx. € 20,000.00 for the excavations, foundations, floor slab and moisture barrier for a new construction in addition to cellar-replacement rooms aboveground.

And yet for only € 15,000.00 more, you can obtain an approx. 100 m2, fully developed cellar. With a square metre price of between € 200.00 and € 400.00, this makes cellar rooms the cheapest (the creation price for rooms on the ground floor lie between € 1,000.00 and € 2,000.00). It is best to calculate it like this: for only approx. 10 % of the additional cost of the overall budget for your house, you can obtain approx. 35 % more total usable area!

A prefabricated cellar or a walled one? Both of these have their advantages.

Complete or partially prefabricated cellars made of precast concrete parts provide high fit accuracy at a fixed price. High cellars, for example, project out of the earth by 50 to 80 cm, saving excavation work and a separate entrance. The classic cellar, which consists entirely of masonry, can also save costs and provide living climate and energy saving advantages. Your EUROBAUSTOFF specialist trader will advise you and help to find a suitable cellar solution to meet your requirements.

Professional drying is mandatory

A large proportion of cellar rooms costs go into moisture protection. Only allow professionals to undertake this fundamental task, as if anything goes wrong here, expensive renovations will follow. It is reassuring to know that there have never been such good construction materials for drying a new construction from the foundation upwards as there are today! Even excavation trenches subject to high groundwater levels can be permanently waterproofed. You can read more on this on the next pages.

Seeing cellar rooms in the right light

A home office in which work is really enjoyable? You can set this up in your cellar, far away from the daily hustle and bustle of family life. Decisive for living quality is the correct lighting. Large cellar windows behind wide light wells compensate for a lack of light on the north-facing side of your house. With prefabricated elements made of tried and tested manufacturer modules, you can save construction time, costs and energy – here even triple-glazed windows can also be supplied on request.

Moisture protection according to your wishes

High-quality polystyrene floor insulation elements are laid to the required property size. An ice wall, multi-layer installations or offset layout of the edge elements – everything is possible.