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Decision-making aids about foundations and cellars


A warm, dry basis for your house

Excavating the building pit, laying the floor slab and carrying out the required moisture protection measures on the foundations – these represent the fundamental tasks when building a house, and no mistakes should be made during their execution. Repairing such installations would be particularly expensive. With a professional floor slab insulation panelling, you can seal your new building in accordance with standard DIN 18195 against rising damp.

Strip foundation panelling against moisture and cold

An innovative plug-in foundation panelling featuring polystyrene insulation material stops the cold seeping through the foundations. Such strip foundation panelling – with panelling, insulation and reinforcement positioning - does not take long to install. Strip foundation panelling fulfils the requirements laid down in the DIN 1045-3.8 for the reliable separation of concrete and earth in side sections.

Moisture protection according to your requirements

High-quality polystyrene floor insulation elements are laid to the required property size. An ice wall, multi-layer installations or offset layout of the edge elements – everything is possible.