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Decision-making aids about foundations and cellars

Cellar walls

Whether you are building your cellar using precast concrete, or with sturdy stone masonry – this depends on your living philosophy. Whatever the case, the professional construction of your cellar walls is decisive. Do you think you can manage it, or are you a professional yourself? All the better. Otherwise, your construction partner or tradesman will show you which stone is best for your new building.

Save energy with brains and pumice

Natural pumice stone is a gravel-type material with volcanic origins, consisting of glass-like silicate minerals. Thanks to its air pores, it provides superb insulation characteristics – with low weight and high compressive force. Natural pumice is the ideal basic material for energy-saving and future-orientated wall construction materials. In addition, the stones can be 100 % recycled.

Cellar bricks: you can build on these

Special cellar bricks feature excellent static values and only permit minimal shape distortion. Cellar walls made of bricks are thermally-insulating, regulate air humidity and thus ensure a particularly pleasant room climate. In addition, bricks can be particularly quickly and easily processed – for inexpensive, warm and comfortable cellar rooms.

Aerated concrete for strength with added warmth

Aerated concrete convinces prospective purchasers with one of the best thermal transmission coefficients for solid building materials: 0.07 W/m2K! Solid, single-skin wall constructions can be built with wall thicknesses measuring just 36.5 cm to achieve an energy standard KfW (Reconstruction Loan Bank) energy efficiency house value of 55.

Cellar stones with sound insulation value

Are you planning a music cellar in which you later plan to hold parties? In that case, you should consider walls made of sand-lime bricks. They feature convincingly high gross densities and an appropriate load-bearing capacity, coupled with superb sound insulation characteristics. Sand-lime bricks are also available in the form of well-designed construction systems with large-format elements, or individually prefabricated construction kits.

Pumice and lime for a good living climate

This masonry innovation also features ecological advantages. The natural ingredients, pumice and lime, combine excellent thermal insulation properties with high strength and optimum living climate characteristics for your cellar rooms. The stone stores warmth for an extended period of time and effectively prevents the formation of mould in your cellar.