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DIY - Tips & tricks about façades

Nice to see you, new house!

Having your own home gives you a feeling of happiness, day for day. It wasn’t really clear to you how much of this had to do with the façade, as initially your main concern was “just” the energy-saving effects. Lucky that your EUROBAUSTOFF expert also enquired about your design wishes. It’s no coincidence that the word façade is derived from the Italian “facciata” or “faccia”, meaning “face”. Which face; which look should your new construction receive, and what should it express? A modern slate façade in sophisticated anthracite? High-quality plaster in the classic fine-structured look, or a creative form? Or an expressive, colourful wooden façade in Scandinavian design?

Concealed behind thick stone

Enjoy the wonderful feeling of living safe and secure behind solid natural materials which are millions of years old. A so-called curtain façade with rear ventilation and high-quality slate panels protects masonry against the weather. For many decades to come. The solid construction method provides other advantages, too. Using insulating mineral fibre panels, the construction is transformed into a highly-effective additional insulation system.

Wood – with interest in new accentuations

Those who don’t want to construct their house entirely of wood, but who do not wish to go without the unique appearance of these natural material, can select a façade made of wooden elements. Highly fashionable at the moment are visible, accentuated and exciting façade combinations of wood, concrete, glass and aluminium. They arouse curiosity and interest, look dynamic and express the competence of the building owner, who knows how to handle these elements in a confident manner.

New dry walling techniques provide you with a choice

Those who love modern construction material technology can select innovative dry walling solutions for their façade, closed off by particularly waterproof and weather, fire, shock and impact-resistant construction panels.
Advantage: These panels provide a sturdy and reliable basis for many further surface designs – for plaster as well as for natural stone panelling, for glass or for modern metal elements. The system is also excellent in combination with insulation mats or panels.

Colour your home!

Facade cladding made of solid wood profiles protect and insulate. So far, so good. But emotions don’t come into play until they are painted in a strong colour. Those using expressive yellow or red shades use their house to display their temperament. Blue stands for style-consciousness; technological interest; interest in travel. Light and natural colour shades in wood awaken holiday home associations and holiday feelings. Which “wood colour” fits your personality?

Different shades of the same colour; Nature in colour

The Romans were already aware of the advantages of clinkered masonry. This is based on a pure natural product: bricks of fired clay. In addition to protection and an attractive appearance, facing bricks are suitable for holding and elegantly concealing thermal insulation elements. There is an astonishing diversity of colour available in modern facing brick products: ranging from classic red and brown shades right up to avant-garde blue and sophisticated black.

Plaster stands for both protection and an attractive appearance

Whether you decide on masonry made of insulation blocks or a composite thermal insulation system (ETICS) is dependent on your energy-saving philosophy. Whatever the case, you need plaster, consisting of stabilising substrates with or without reinforcing fleece, and a finishing plaster in white or in colour. The finishing plaster forms the actual “interface” to the outside world. Wind and rain, ice and snow, shocks and impacts, woodpeckers and other “vandals”, air pollutants, algae and fungi will put your façade to the test. A modern, high-quality plaster provides permanent protection and keeps the exterior of your house looking consistently attractive for many years to come.

A light-coloured delight: Sand-lime bricks on the façade

Sand-lime bricks consist of natural raw materials such as quartz sand, lime and water. The biological construction value of façade coverings made of these materials is accordingly high. They look bright and airy; modern and lightweight. Smooth surfaces express reticence and austerity. Roughened and embossed coverings give your house a natural, rustic appearance.

With the warmest and quietest recommendations!

It is well known that the requirements laid down in the Energy Saving Ordinance can be most inexpensively achieved or even surpassed through the use of a modern composite thermal insulation system (ETICS). Frequently, however, the sound protection characteristics of these systems are underestimated. Those who build their homes in an environment subject to heavy traffic, for example, should consider a harmonised combination of ETICS and sound insulation windows. The sound insulation then totals almost 100 %!