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Shell constructions

Which construction methods; which techniques; which materials?
Here is your entrance to the exciting world of construction.

Learn about all the possibilities available to you from the roof down to the cellar. Collect all your ideas for your new home, and visit one of our specialist traders who will answer your questions, explain details and show you how great houses can be made from your ideas!


Foundations / cellars

A cellar provides a whole 35 % more living and useful area – and that at a relatively low additional cost. How?


Exterior walls and interior walls are designed as supporting or non-supporting walls, with or without cladding.


Which “face” should I give to my house? This is a question which mainly appeals to your own creativity.


It is true that a roof can provide you with a feeling of security, but we shouldn’t take them for granted! Many only begin to think of their roof when the rain starts to come in.