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Rainwater utilisation

We are looking forward to the rain!

Every German consumes on average 130 litres of water in their household per day. Only approximately 3 litres of this are used for drinking and cooking; the rest is used for bathing and showering, or for the toilet, washing machine, dishwasher, for cleaning purposes and for garden irrigation. This is water which has to be procured via the mains and which is expensive. Yet there is a great alternative: a cistern in your garden, which collects rainwater free of charge and conducts it to suitable consumers in your house and garden.

Ideal for plants and household use: rainwater

Rainwater is naturally lime-free, and is optimally suitable for all patio and garden plants. And rainwater is also more suitable for the supply of large consumers such as the toilet and the washing machine than the expensive water from the mains, which also frequently contains lime.

Small gardens, major savings

Even small gardens are suitable for the clever use of rainwater. There is always a free section of lawn for the appropriate special flat tanks. It is possible to fit a whole 1,500 litres into a tank measuring 210 x 125 cm – sufficient to get your garden through a dry summer! The water required for a rod or area sprinkler can simply be tapped into just like electricity from the mains socket. A pump integrated into the tank switches on and off automatically. Suitable water connection boxes are available for connection with the standard commercial hose systems.

Designer rain collection

Save water stylishly in your garden or on the patio: with beautifully-shaped design tanks in fashionable colours and with glossy surfaces, connected to roof downpipes and equipped with overflow protection. Here the required water is simply removed via the drain cock. In winter, or during long rain periods, the tank intake can be closed in one easy step.