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DIY - Tips & tricks about gardens and landscapes

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Our garden: playing with the elements

One of the most exciting tasks within the scope of a new construction project is certainly the planning of your garden. Don’t just be swayed by aspects of utilisation – child-friendliness, relaxation, living outdoors – but also consider questions of style. What ambience do you wish to create? Be creative! Your personal preferences decide.

Gardens need themes

Romantic cottage garden; Asian-themed garden; Mediterranean “Giardino” or an idyllic “Nature reserve” with herb beds and a garden pond – there are numerous types of garden, and just as many garden design patterns and trends. Modern gardens are mainly characterised by their clear lines. With paving stones, floor slabs, palisades and steps, you can delimit themed areas to create clearly-structured garden areas.

Mediterranean flair for the garden

Scented orange and olive trees, flowering oleander and cypresses – bring the magic of the South into your own home! Appropriate for such gardens are natural stone systems as patio coverings, or for walls, bed borders, palisades and paths. Fine, irregularly-broken edges; and a creamy-white colouration with a touch of yellow make the stones look naturally aged and conjure up antique flair in your garden.

A permanent trend – the garden pond

It requires a lot of care, but gives you much enjoyment – whether just looking at it or bathing in it. A pond represents the crowning achievement of every dream garden. Not just because it looks attractive, but also because it really benefits the environment. Garden ponds are small water habitats in which fish, frogs, dragonflies and other insects can make themselves at home.

Fountains and waterworks

Those who prefer less opulence can gain enjoyment from a lively, rippling fountain in their garden. Attractive eye-catchers result when installed with different types of gravel, paving stones and walls made of concrete or natural stones, and small, private wellness zones which delimit themselves charmingly from the overall ambience.