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Simply heavenly!

A family breakfast in the first rays of the spring sun; the first BBQ of the year; the first garden party of the season – these are the annual highlights if you are lucky enough to call a beautiful patio your own. Tastefully tiled and pleasant to walk on, even in bare feet - a patio is even better when roofed over, so that the outdoor season can continue unhindered even during summer rain, and so that your valuable garden furniture does not have to be fetched in every time the rain clouds loom. You don’t need much to attain perfect patio happiness! Here are some ideas:

Your favourite area – whatever the weather

Protective equipment against the effects of heat and bad weather can extend your patio season by many days per year. Also: the better-protected your patio, the higher-quality is the patio equipment which you are able to purchase. For full living enjoyment outdoors!

Roofing patios correctly

The stability of value of the materials used is what is important. The material should not cloud over, yellow or be susceptible to moss. Polycarbonate or acrylic glass are extremely UV and weatherproof as well as being impact and breakage-resistant. The profiled, double-webbed and hollow-core panels are suitable both for open roofing as well as for wall claddings and conservatories. Craftsmen praise the low weight and easy processing of the panels.

Flooring with flair. For patios with style.

You often still enthuse about the wonderful holiday home in the Toscana which you rented years ago? You can bring something of the flair of Mediterranean open-air living culture into your own home, in the form of a covering on your new patio. Slabs of sophisticated natural stone, for example. With a surface which looks and feels like the finest open-pore limestone. These panels accumulate warmth, provide a pleasant barefoot sensation and look exceptionally attractive. A special sealing treatment ensures that the covering repels dirt or is easy to clean if you drop something during your next BBQ.