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The paths to garden happiness

Front garden, patio, main garden – each zone around your house has its own function. Paths, steps, platforms and level differences connect the areas and provide your property with structure and dimension. For which elements will you decide? Slabs, paving, stone walls, gravel? The range available is huge; the possibilities limitless. Here is a small guide to a more beautiful garden.

Lovingly-crafted paths

They lead us to our favourite areas in the garden – to the pool, to the BBQ area, to the herb garden, to the sandpit with child’s swing. Design these elements carefully and lovingly, as they play a major role in the flair of your garden. The current trend: stone slabs in natural wood appearance which fit perfectly into any garden environment. As an alternative: rustic paving stones with irregular edges, which can be stylishly supplemented with palisades and step elements from the same system family.

Steps for a successful appearance

A successfully-installed stairway makes an impression before guests enter your front door. Steps in your garden connect different levels, and structure the area vertically. Solid, wide block steps can be laid head to head, ensuring a smooth, homogeneous appearance. Risers are suitable for low height differences. They appear more organic and can – depending on the fill material behind them - melt beautifully into the surroundings.

Nature lovers take paving stones

Natural paving stones refine paths, entrance drives, yards and patios. They are able to resist maximum loads, can be easily laid and also permit curving paths and organic-looking areas. The appropriate kerbs, palisades, pillars and border edgings made of natural stone delimit lawn areas and beds, and stylishly mark off high-level patio areas. By the way: paved areas permit rain to seep away, and in some circumstances can save municipal wastewater fees.