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Yesterday's garage, today's parking hotel

Your neighbours will be astonished: For years they were able to set the clock by your old, squeaky, manually-operated up-and-over garage door. Now there is an almost eerie silence mornings and evenings! What has happened? Simple: you have replaced your old garage door, replaced the old swinging mechanism for modern, silent and moreover space-saving sectional technology, which is of course electrically operated and equipped with ultra-modern convenient electronics. The whole family now enjoys a relaxed arrival when they come home. And, night for night, you can enjoy being able to sleep without a care. No wonder: your new garage door is absolutely secure against burglary. Only one thing annoys you slightly: that you waited so long to replace it! At the end of the day, it was namely much more reasonably priced than you had imagined!


Up-and-over door or sectional door?

It is a question of space. The classic up-and-over garage door comprises of a single panel galvanised door leaf which is moved via lateral spring-loaded lifting arms– previously by hand, today mostly via an electric drive. Sectional doors are so-called because they are manufactured from solid but flexible sections which slide on permanent rails below the garage ceiling whilst opening. Advantage: You have more space in front of the garage than with an up-and over door, the pivotal area of which must remain clear.