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More space for your dreams

You already have one child, and are planning more? Or are your children already about to leave home? Each phase of life requires different layouts in your own home. Smaller, enclosed units or rooms are appropriate for a family household consisting of more than two people. Singles and married couples prefer more generous floor layouts. For more living enjoyment; more space for individual preferences, wellness and hobbies. More space for guests and celebrations. What if all these living ideas could be implemented? At different times, but in one and the same house? Dry interior constructions with their flexible, lightweight frame construction method permit individual floor layouts and make subsequent conversions easier, as they do not place strain on the house statics. Changes can be carried out at your own pace, without having the noise and dirt of a “building site” in your house. Dry walled constructions are also valued as high-performance constructions in terms of sound insulation and fire protection.

Making partition walls yourself

Open-area kitchens represent a megatrend which is rapidly becoming the standard for new constructions. Those who cook no longer wish to isolate themselves from the family. However, a quiet corner is sometimes not a bad thing, into which you can withdraw without having to leave the room. The solution: partition walls in dry wall construction using gypsum plasterboard panels. These can be inserted by DIY enthusiasts themselves – at half-room height or at room height and in different widths. 

Lightweight partition walls are highly robust

There is a preconception that dry wall constructions cannot bear loads. Using special cavity anchors, they can in fact even bear heavy weights fastened to them such as flat screens, smoke extraction hoods, wardrobes or suspended cupboards. These anchors can bear up to 55 kilogrammes with the standard double planking!

High-performance materials for light and acoustics

Installed spotlights, daylight lamps flush-mounted into ceilings and walls – utilise the full magic of modern illumination technology in order to put your home into the right light. Modern dry wall constructions permit the precise installation of light technology and conceal electric cables invisibly whilst still permitting them to be accessed for replacement as your requirements and wishes change. By the way, the same applies for radio and HiFi – inconspicuous panels set inconspicuously into the drywall construction give the impression that your favourite hits are emanating directly from the wall! 

Gypsum fibreboard panels for better air in your house

Did you know that cleverly planked interior walls can help to filter pollutants out of the interior air? Special-formula gypsum fibreboard panels can for example break down formaldehyde, a toxic preservative which is also used in many plastic products, and which is often emitted by these into the ambient air. The “cleansing effect” provided by such panels lasts for over 50 years, even if air-permeable coverings such as paint or wallpaper are applied to them.

How to add vitality to your rooms

Square, angular, boring? Dry wall interiors provide astonishing options for creative construction fans. Rounded, flowing geometries such as arches, vaulted ceilings, columns or curving walls – these “emotive” design patterns from classic architecture can easily be brought into your interiors. The basis for these are flexible special gypsum boards, using which radii of up to 600 mm can be realised.