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If there is one trend which runs throughout all areas of modern life, it is the trend to individuality. No wonder that wallpapers have been fashionable again for many years now. We can almost speak of a permanent trend. Why? Because wallpapers permit the widest variety of designs and the most original design patterns. And because the industry is constantly developing new materials, patterns and structures in order to satisfy our desire for the individual design of our living spaces. Would you like to see these trends? You can see more – much more - in the collections and sample books at your EUROBAUSTOFF specialist trader!


From purism to romantic: Flowers, pop art, plain colours and stripes on walls


Wallpapers are the simplest way to completely transform the ambience of a residence almost overnight. You love classic or natural designs? You cannot decide between young and sophisticated designer looks? You have the benefit of being able to select from an endless range of designs! Renowned designer and brand collections influence the current trends in the field of premium wallpaper.

Flower is power

This year, floral prints are highly popular. They range from delicate small flower designs to sumptuous flowery splendour; from charming meadow flowers to temperamental, sophisticated rose designs. What kind of flower suits you? Take this opportunity to find out!

Cool contrasts; clear statements

Don’t worry – purists, too, are catered for. There is also a trend for just the opposite of pretty flower designs; unicoloured or clearly-patterned wallpapers don’t just make walls look more attractive in new constructions. Those who love stripes can receive additional benefits from using them: stripes on walls make rooms look higher or wider. And those who love unicoloured, unfussy rooms have an endless range of stylish plain colours at their disposal. Bright colours such as pink and neon green are currently just as trendy as discreet but expressive colours ranging from dove grey and azure blue to mocha or slate.


Pop art is back!

Fans of Andy Warhol and Co. are currently delighted by collections inspired by the jazzy designs of the sixties. Please work with caution: be sparing with bright colours and use them as accentuations, or a true eye catcher can quickly turn into a confusing chaos of colour! 

Nature as a permanent trend

Designs inspired by Nature enchant all living spaces. Every room can be fitted differently according to this motif and according to their purpose. Absolute highlights are stone-look decor; braver interior fitters can try out an animal fur look for a strong pattern on their walls. As an alternative, expressive language of form, we have ethnic patterns which play with motifs from the art of foreign cultures. Here, too, we recommend that you use such patterns sparingly and as accentuations.

Wallpapers as thermal fleece

Breathable interior wall coverings provide healthy living conditions and save energy costs. As thermal fleeces, they each provide a separating layer between the cold masonry and the ambient air. Thermal flows are expediently regulated and the thermal energy is utilised efficiently. The effect: interior rooms heat up palpably more quickly – whilst using 22 % less heating energy. The thermal fleece is processed using a special system adhesive, and simply wallpapered over once it has dried.

The classic ingrain wallpaper in a new material

Ingrain wallpaper is particularly easy to use and flexible in design. This also applies for fleece ingrain wallpaper, which can easily be processed using a wall adhesion technique. Brush glue onto the wall, apply the fleece ingrain wallpaper, press it on using a painter’s brush or a sponge roller – and you’re done!

Produced from pollutant and allergen-controlled raw materials, the different structures available provide the ideal basis for simple, individual and healthy wall design.

Creative wallpapers, because tastes change

Fleece fibre creative wallpapers are available in very different designs: coarse and fine, natural or rather technical-looking – an ideal basis for effective paint coatings with paints and glazes. These wallpapers are as robust as glass fibre; are able to bridge cracks and are particularly easy to process in wall adhesion technique. And you can remove them as easily as you can apply them to your wall: simply pull them off – ideal for people and rooms who like to change their outfits more frequently!