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Are you a city-dweller at heart, enjoying tidy structures and clear design lines? In that case, you will prefer white, grey, anthracite, blue and black as interior room colours. Or do you love Nature in all its forms? Then you will love the currently-popular “fruity” trends, the shades of which remind us of hollyhocks, oranges, mangos or the inside of papaya fruit. Berry colour shades are still highly fashionable. Another trend colour is blue, which looks great with brown or beige. However, discreet natural colours in interesting intermediate shades only represent one side of the fashion coin. The other side is more of an eye catcher, according to the motto: show your courage with bright designs!

Elegance in white: the advantage of purist interiors is that they will match any furniture. Clarity; plainness; simplicity: a white interior expresses sophisticated reticence. Or underline your individuality through the use of contrasts. In combination with white, intensive colour shades have an even more powerful effect.

Tried and tested on all subsurfaces: emulsion paint

This paint type, which is most frequently used today, consists of a liquid (usually water) which evaporates after painting, leaving a closed plastic film on plaster, masonry, concrete, lightweight boards, wood and other subsurfaces. 

Tried and tested in children’s rooms: latex paints

Using latex paints, you can emphasise the subsurface structure and individual walls through varying degrees of gloss. Latex paints can be washed clean, are abrasion-resistant and are therefore particularly suitable for high-strain areas, such as kitchens, halls and children’s rooms. 

Living in a sunny ambience

The past winters were very grey and lasted far too long. However, there is a tonic against them: sunny colours in your rooms! A cool lemon yellow pampers lovers of design; an intensive sunshine yellow improves the mood of temperamental, passionate people – either as a pointed accentuation on a wall or as a courageous colour covering for an entire room. Yellow has been proven to brighten up rooms which do not receive much daylight.

Casting Nature’s spells

The megatrend for wood as a construction material has also influenced colour design. Light wood colour shades; earthy brown nuances which can be combined with beige look natural and informal, comfortable and inviting. A rich green provides a tasteful contrast and adds a Scandinavian freshness to a room; perfectly appropriate for trendy furniture in light-coloured woods, rattan or bamboo.

Courageous colour schemes

Temperament, verve, passion: express your personality through a firework of colours, An intensive red is stimulating and provides vitality; but can also be a dominating colour and should therefore be deployed consciously and not on large walls. Blue improves concentration – which is ideal for work rooms. Green is calming and balancing; even sound-insulating and is recommended for living rooms and sleeping areas.