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Alternative design methods


No-one can rob us of the fascination radiated by a wall of unplastered bricks or natural stone. Depending on how the light enters a room, the shadows thrown by 3D objects of very different styles will change. The secret behind this is as simple as it is ingenious, and can easily be realised by practised DIY enthusiasts: these are facing brick systems. Whether in an urban or industrial ambience; whether a fairfaced concrete design, a castle stone look; whether rustic or Mediterranean – the appropriate facing bricks are available to fulfil any living space dream.

High-quality materials refined as 3D objects

Many facing bricks are made of glass fibre-reinforced plastics and high-quality resins with a coating of fine stone powder. In this way, astonishingly real stone appearances and haptics can be created. Constructionally, almost anything is possible – even arches or curves can be easily realised with such stone panels. It is no longer necessary to open up walls for the installation of flat screens or illuminated shelving – the required cables are simply laid during installation. 

Cut paper-thin, but unmistakeably slate

Slate panels are just as fascinating as a “natural” stone surface. Because the slate is cut paper-thin, it is suitable as a floor, wall or step covering for bathrooms, showers and balconies, for chimney design or for the design of decorative areas in renovated rooms. Installation is possible on all adhesive, smooth, slightly uneven or curved surfaces as well as on vaults or columns – an enchanting option, also for renovated old building rooms with their large wall areas.

Thick stones on the wall add flair to any room

An alternative to stone panels: full-mineral facing stones. These are produced from ecological, high-quality natural pumice and lightweight concrete which is refined to look astonishingly similar to sandstone, granite, brick or slate, The appropriate corner stones are available for each design – ideal for walling matching pedestals and plinths or chimney facings.