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Roof windows

Feeling free: floating above everyday cares, released from the hustle and bustle of the city and yet at the same time right in the middle of it: this living feeling is enjoyed by building owners with a developed attic storey. Roof windows play a decisive role in living satisfaction. They provide light, air and – if large enough – an exit into the open air. Clever accessories protect against excessive sun and keep insects at bay. Electronic assistants make the operation of windows easier and increase the convenience and safety of all kinds of automatic functions. It is good to know that there are specialised manufacturers who provide the entire package as a system. Tried and tested; proven and inexpensive. Would you like to sample some products from the range available?


Pivoting windows for the whole family

Those wishing to place a sofa or chest of drawers under roof windows, for example, should select pivoting windows. They can easily be opened and closed from the top. These windows are also ideal for children’s rooms in which they are frequently opened and shut, as the smaller members of the family are unable to reach them.

Top-hung pivoting windows for wider perspectives

Innovative roof windows with top-hung pivoting technology make ventilation and care easier - whilst providing maximum headroom and freedom of movement. The window casements fold completely inwards. One handle permits the operation of all window functions; a quadruple central lock ensures optimum anti-burglary protection.

For an extra portion of light and an extended view


Innovative window types delight customers through their particularly high yield of light and view. In roof spaces in which the outer wall extends into the attic storey, the so-called jamb, the roof window can be supplemented through an additional element. In this way, the window area is extended down to the floor. It is even easier to “catch” the light through continuous sloping walls: select a classic roof window with an additional element which extends down to the floor as a complete solution.

Heavenly views, airy exits

A great idea: an over-roof ridge glazing on a pointed roof in which the windows meet from both sides in the centre of the ceiling, and reveal a very special view of the heavens. Those also wishing to step out into the fresh air from their roof can consider special windows with a “Cabrio” function. Whereas the upper section of these windows open wide, the lower section is pushed out and the side railings fold open – to create a balcony-style roof exit in a few easy steps.