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DIY - Tips & tricks about flooring

Ideas gallery about flooring

Floor heating

Not just the height of fashion in a bathroom, but almost a must-have: floor heating. It pampers us by radiating its gentle warmth into the entire room, warming your feet and also helping to keep heating costs low. Modern systems unite the screed and the heating system, and can be easily and quickly laid, even by home owners themselves – at comparatively low cost.

Wall heating; the innovative alternative

Those who want to or have to do without a floor heating system do not automatically have to revert to traditional radiators. Alternative options are surface heating, which is laid in the bathroom wall – in a plaster or dry wall system. This also provides a room with healthy radiation heat; however this wall should not be covered with fittings or furniture.

Targeted warmth where it is required

As an alternative to conventional heating mats, the heating cables can also be laid individually in the decoupling mat. The advantage: the floor sections to be heated are defined entirely according to your wishes. For example: in front of the washbasin, the bath tub or the shower exit. Here the heating cables lie directly under the tiled flooring so that the heat quickly reaches the tile surface.

Floor heating plus climate-controlled flooring

Innovative new screed nubbed panels permit the particularly thin-layered installation of floor heating systems. The secret: a panel made of pressure-resistant polystyrene deep-drawn film which has a carrier fleece applied to the underside and which is adhered as a composite system onto suitable, load-dissipating subsurfaces. With the associated composite decoupling which is also part of the system and which permits even heat distribution, construction heights from 25 mm (plus covering) can be achieved.

More heat and quiet for your bathroom floor

The innovative new climate-controlled flooring reinforces the naturally-good thermal conduction and accumulation properties if ceramic or stone slabs. The low quantity of screed mass required for the system helps to save installation time and money. Another variant of the flooring system features footfall sound insulation – also at an astonishingly low construction height.