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DIY - Tips & tricks about flooring

Ideas gallery about flooring

Nature and high-tech

In which materials do we wish to live? It is fun to look at the multitude of options in closer detail. Tiles and stone slabs wander into living spaces. There is also much to be said for a classic high-quality wooden floor covering in a parquet or floorboard pattern. Or how about one of the innovative high-tech floors which are currently taking our living landscapes by storm? Discover the latest laminate developments, and be introduced to or the healthy-living and lightweight cork flooring which is particularly suitable for renovation and which is now even available with digitally-printed surfaces. Find exciting details on these subjects on the following pages, and visit your “EUROBAUSTOFF” specialist trader to look and feel the products “live”.


Replace wall and floor coverings in record time

An innovative new re-mounting system permits you to replace wall and floor coverings whilst preserving them and without requiring the use of much force. The principle: a high-strength, high-tech textile consisting of two layers separates the covering material from the subsurface. If you are renovating, you can remove the old coverings very quickly, and lay the new top surfaces without subsurface preparation. The new coverings are simply laid on top of the freshly applied lining. Laying speeds of up to 60 m2 per hour are possible – a record time!

Solid wooden floorboards: the full beauty of Nature

Your selection has been made: a wooden floor is required. Beauty, sustainability, health, value retention – the reasons are well-known. But which processing technique fits best with your new living dream? Solid wooden floorboards are the classic form of wooden flooring, and have been used for years. Their special feature: wooden floorboards are solid right the way through, as they are each produced from one piece of wood. No glue is used as in ready-made parquet. Wooden floorboards represent pure Nature: living values which delight and enchant us. 

Ingeniously made, sturdy when laid

Modern floorboard systems are equipped with tongue and groove or click systems and can be laid quickly whilst saving costs, and with minimum cutting involved. A slight chamfer on all four sides underlines the floorboard character of the covering. Parquet flooring is available in many different varieties, cuts, thicknesses and widths of wood. Do you prefer a rustic look, dark oiled surfaces or a calming cut, discreetly painted white? Do you prefer a smoothly polished surface, or would you like to feel the pleasing structure of the raw material beneath your feet? Create your favourite wooden flooring! Our tip: oak – a particularly resistant wood from which you will still gain enjoyment even after many decades.

Laminate for indestructible beauty

They are a true all-rounder on floors; can withstand the heaviest loads and are available in surprisingly creative surface designs: laminate floorings. They consist of a multi-layered structure and form finished elements which are laid as floating installations with click systems. Their material base is fibrous material compressed with artificial resin and combined with a wood-based carrier plate. The advantage of laminate flooring: high resistance capabilities, pressure resistance and light-fast properties. 

The “look and feel" of real wood

Particularly fashionable at the moment are wood reproductions of native and exotic woods and surfaces, reproducing the look of tiles, slate, sandstone, marble or fabrics. “Rough-sawn” structured flooring is the latest innovation: this means astonishingly realistic saw-cut reproductions with the appropriate haptics! 

An innovation for floors and walls

Wood fibres, mineral substances and colour pigments are compressed whilst being heated to form an environmentally-friendly, healthy-living material which unites the warmth of wood with the robustness of stone in an incomparable manner. Attractive colour shades of grey, brown and cream determine the modern look of these “Nadura” floorboards and panels.