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Our modern living concepts are “open upwards”, delighting us with galleries, different living storeys and generous entrances onto the upper storeys. In these concepts, staircases take on a new, prominent position. They become more than mere functional elements which combine storeys. Staircases are like pieces of furniture: hand-crafted solitary pieces; eye catchers in rooms which also say a lot about the taste and personality of a home owner. Whether you “only” wish to modernise your old building staircase, or whether you are searching for an appropriate model for the complete renovation of your home – select your staircase in accordance with the same stringent criteria as you would select your furniture.

Wood plus masterly craftsmanship

Every house is different; every staircase is an individual work. On customer-tailored wood stairs, the rise/run ratio is selected individually for the conditions within a house. Design staircases with filigree stainless steel rods or a country house staircase with finely-turned wooden rods- the appearance of the finished model is not just dependent on the style, but also on the selected materials. Beech, oak, pine or maple wood varieties represent the classics – for light-coloured, friendly, natural-effect design variants.

Real eye-catchers: spiral staircases

They combine design with function; provide safety and save a maximum of space: spiral staircases. They are manufactured with diameters of between 120 cm and 140 cm. Those who order spiral staircases in the form of a complete package will receive them including a central core made of steel or aluminium, railings, metal railing posts, handrails and beautiful, organic and space-saving wooden step designs. Spiral staircases act as exquisite design elements, bringing vitalising elegance into any room. Most models are available in left or right-spiralling designs to fit the differing constructional situations.

A strong design within a small space

Space-saving staircases are recommendable everywhere where space is scarce. The range of models is wide – from the simple standard staircase to the complex design solution; from the classic space-saving step to the full spiral or straight step.

The highest level of living culture

Storey staircases are customer-tailored and represent true value factors for your house. This is also an argument relevant for modernisers - especially if the existing old building staircase has been worn down by decades of use, and some steps have even reached a dangerous level of wear on the lower storeys. Selected woods, a high-quality surface treatment and the professional, perfect processing makes your staircase look more attractive and raises the value of the entire property.

Beech and pine for young living culture

There are many varieties of wood suitable for staircases. The lighter the colour of the wood selected, the more inconspicuously it blends into the living ambience. Beechwood provides even, knot-free wood for staircases. Pine, with its knots, is rather more suitable for rustic surroundings. Double-layer water lacquer guarantees that both types of wood remain resistant. Railing rods made of wood or stainless steel are tightly fixed at the correct safety distance in drilled holes – a robust construction for turbulent family life, during the course of which staircases are ascended and descended dozens of times a day!