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A little effort, a lot of wellness

New living feelings await you, and they centre around warmth. More precisely with the surface warmth radiated from floor or wall heating systems. They feel so much more pleasant and are healthier than the warmth emanating from radiators. The new area heating systems also work more efficiently and at lower flow temperatures; the rooms heat up faster and more evenly and the floors cool down more slowly. In addition, rooms and bathrooms simply look more attractive without radiators, quite apart from the living space which you gain when doing without them. All these advantages are causing rising numbers of floor and wall heating system installations in the renovation sector. Once this step has been taken, the next decision is also easy: namely the installation of a sauna in your own home. For exclusive wellness enjoyment!


Radiation warmth: why it is so healthy

In contrast to standard heating systems, radiation warmth not only heats up the room air, but also, and primarily, the bodies and objects within a room. In this way, the permanent warm air circulation generated through classic heating systems is mainly eliminated. Dust and pollen are not whirled through the air, which is a particular relief and benefit for children, allergy sufferers and asthmatics.

Wellness + cost-savings

State of the art floor heating systems possess many advantages. They are dry wall systems which do not require screeds. The systems are enclosed, maintenance-free and accordingly inexpensive to operate. Modern heat-conducting baffles improve the thermal distribution – your feet will feel the pleasant warmth after only five minutes! The heat is distributed effectively and goes directly to the top covering. Highly convincing: the extremely small installation height of 30 mm including insulation – an unbeatable measurement and perfect for renovations where only very low heights are possible.

Private and quite heavenly: your home sauna!

Why make the effort to go out into the wind and weather if you can enjoy your sauna in your own home? Whether in your newly developed cellar, or in your enlarged wellness bathroom. It doesn’t even have to be particularly expensive. Modern and space-saving infrared cabin designs make this possible. The front panels of the cabins are made of transparent glass, meaning that the saunas look light and flooded with light. The interior fittings and digital controls ensure comfort and perfect relaxation. Enjoy a healthy time-out in your sauna – every day!

Sauna visits after your renovation work

Classic sauna cabins for retrofitting purposes are aligned to the requirements of singles, couples or a whole family, and are adapted on-site. The range of wood varieties for the interior and exterior cladding is large, whereby robust and pleasantly-scented pine wood is most popular.

The technology is also impressive: sauna operation with the aid of solar power is just as possible today as the secondary utilisation of the produced heat as house heating. Your EUROBAUSTOFF specialist trader will introduce you to the latest trends.