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Drywalll constructions

Moderne Badegestaltung mit gefüllter Badewanne und Handtuchablage©

What does the bathroom of your dreams look like? How would it be with a free-standing bath tub in the centre of the room? This would take up slightly more room, but the reward is originality and a touch of luxury. The methods of dry interior finishings release living fantasies. Effectively-separated, organically-shaped shower areas; freely-positioned room dividers, suspended ceilings with elegant strip lighting and concealed surface loudspeaker installations - this–becomes possible using the lightweight constructions. The power and water lines are simply laid as part of the installation, and the statics remain unencumbered. Be inspired!

Magical technology in dry interior finishings

Free your bath tub and shower from their dowdy existence along walls and in corners. Lightweight aluminium profiles and water-resistant gypsum plaster panels represent the ingredients for new, more open and creative bathrooms. Simple partition walls without fittings can also be installed by DIY fans – either at full or half-height and in differing widths. Our tip: always have professionals deal with more complicated shapes. Ask your EUROBAUSTOFF specialist trader for qualified partners close by. Important is the correct finish. Once the wall has been made, the joints must be carefully and smoothly filled and polished so that plaster or tiles look attractive.

Dry wall constructions are load-bearing

A stubborn prejudice prevails that dry wall constructions cannot bear loads. Even heavy elements such as suspended cupboards can be attached securely. Special cavity anchors can bear up to 55 kg with the standard doubled planking (and even single planking can bear 35 kg).

Everything is ecologically sound

Naturally, the walls, ceilings and room dividers created as dry wall constructions must be resistant against moisture. Modern dry wall systems are optimally equipped for these requirements on leaving the factory. “Green systems” consist of optimally harmonised product components, using which sealing work can easily be conducted on areas subject to larger water quantities - for example the walls and floors around washbasins or the shower. The basis of this system is special gypsum plaster panels with impregnated gypsum core, processed into particularly handy wet room panels for 1-man installation.

Waterproofing made easy

Just as important are the other system components; amongst these impregnated joint fillers, innovative new liquid sealing films and sealing tapes and liners for particularly critical areas of the construction, for example breakthroughs and penetrations. Using complete systems, all critical areas - in particular to do with the shower, the washbasin and the pipe breakthroughs – can be sealed permanently in a few working steps, thus protecting them against moisture damage.