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DIY - Tips & tricks about bathroom and tiles

Ideas gallery about bathroom and tiles

My bathroom: a dream

A modern bathroom can fulfil many functions. If you are building a single-family home, then of course the focus is placed on the entire family feeling comfortable in the bathroom. For this purpose, you require a larger floor area, storage space for towels and accessories, a separate shower plus bath tub and of course a generously-sized double washbasin with robust fittings. If there are two of you in a household, or if your children are about to leave home, you should indulge in more wellness and lifestyle fittings, for example in the form of a feature shower, a whirlpool and reclining chairs for relaxation. High-quality bathroom ceramics and stylish fittings also add value to your wellness oasis – an expedient investment in case you should later wish to sell the house. Barrier-free entrances also make your bathroom fit for future use.

First the technology, then the bathing enjoyment!

The technology in wet rooms must function perfectly, and the construction moisture and mould protection must be correctly installed before you start designing the surfaces. Thanks to modern construction materials, waterproofing is no problem today: from screeds, adhesives and finished components for walk-in showers right up to design elements – professional bathroom systems are waterproof and reliably water-tight. 

Magical technology in dry interior construction

Lightweight aluminium stud profiles and plasterboard panels are the ingredients for designing creative bathroom layouts, as the increases in complexity and room area also result in an increase in bathroom design requirements. Modern dry walls permit the invisible installation of water and electrical systems. Even round shapes are possible. Currently a major trend are the free-standing bath tubs positioned anywhere within a room and the separate, walk-in showers in snail shape. This gives rise to grand hotel ambiences! 

Walk-in showers - a must-have

They make bathrooms look larger and also make them future-proof: walk-in showers with generously-sized shower areas and innovative fittings. The issue of drainage in relation to the low construction height of walk-in showers is thus completely solved. Modern complete systems make installation as safe as it is inexpensive. Our tip: it is better to leave this critical area to the professionals!

Bathrooms and energy

A bathroom which cools down quickly and needs a long time to heat up is everything but a wellness oasis. Impregnated construction panels with a hard foam core provide optimum insulation properties for walls, ceilings and floors.