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Interior construction

Life means change. At the moment, your priority may be your family, and your residential ideas are targeted towards a large eat-in kitchen, subdivided areas and two children’s rooms in the attic storey. Yet children get older and leave the nest. Then it is time to transform your home accordingly: with new walls, you can turn your house into a new living environment.

The two children’s rooms can be transformed into a large roof studio, flooded with light. The old, cramped family bathroom for four can be turned into a generously-sized wellness area for two. “Flexibility” – that is the keyword in modern interior development. Using modern dividing walls and plaster systems, you can realise almost any living space!


Bathroom and tiles

The bathroom is the part of a house which stands for very special relaxation, harmony and for finding your balance after a busy day. 

Roof extensions

Make your dream come true. With a roof extension, you can save on energy and therefore on money!


Floors provide the basis for any room design. Yet a good floor must not only look good, but must also withstand a lot of wear!


Stairs not only connect floors, but also express living culture. For this reason they represent far more than mere functional elements today. Here are some tips and ideas.

Doors and windows

A classic standard door measures approximately two square metres. That is two square metres which should be carefully considered, as doors design rooms, providing them with a face - and this from both sides!

Walls and ceilings

Your EUROBAUSTOFF specialist trader is happy to give you details on plasters, paints and processing techniques. But first of all – have fun browsing!