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National magnitude with regional strength and European spirit!

Many good reasons to opt for one of the approx. 500 leading specialist retailers in Europe for building and renovations.

You come to us with your wishes and ideas and we, your local EUROBAUSTOFF specialist retailer, provide you with the necessary products and systems you need. You can rely on us, as our logo stands for competence and reliability in construction. We are part of EUROBAUSTOFF, the specialist trade cooperation with the highest sales revenue in the European building industry.


Medium-sized companies

EUROBAUSTOFF specialist retailers convince with streamlined process and decision structures, a quick and flexible range of services and an extremely personal relationship with customers. The reasons for this lie in the direct and immediate corporate responsibility of these specialist retailers. This creates a long-term orientated, trusting business culture which is beneficial for all those involved.



EUROBAUSTOFF specialist retailers adapt their business orientation to the respective situation in the market environment and to customer requirements. As a result, every location is differently orientated, and the most diverse customer requests can be purposefully addressed, thus safeguarding the requirements of the market.



With external sales of over € 12 billion, EUROBAUSTOFF specialist retailers are absolute market leaders in Germany in the specialist trade of building materials, timber and tiles. This market leadership also applies to other German-speaking regions of Europe. At more than 1,400 locations, 500 specialist retailers are currently active and employ approx. 42,000 employees, plus well over 2,000 trainees. This cohesion provides the whole group with security and trust.


EUROBAUSTOFF specialist retailers know what they are talking about and to whom. Benefit along with your specialist retailers from mutual know-how – one in the fields of technology, design, materials, and the other in handling and processing. Professional specialist advisors and professional users search together for effective, cost-saving and innovative solutions.



EUROBAUSTOFF specialist retailers are true professionals and therefore also mediate their professional knowledge – on request by the house or flat owner– to their professional customers, meaning the master craftsman companies in the region. They remain service and quality-orientated at all times.



EUROBAUSTOFF specialist retailers are continually on the lookout for future trends regarding materials, shapes, functions and colours. They display the diversity of materials in large, contemporary exhibitions, in which the professional customer can be inspired alongside home and flat owners eager to modernise their residences. Touching and trying out is expressly permitted!