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Buying volume exceeds 3 billion euro mark for the first time

Building construction, roofs and drywall installation ensure strong growth“Today we will exceed the 3 billion euro mark in the centrally calculated turnover,” announced Ulrich Wolf, Chairman EUROBAUSTOFF Management to the press on his last day in office in June.

“It is the first time that we have achieved this figure already in the first half-year. The reason for this is clear: our local specialist retailers are doing a great job, they have positioned themselves well with the competitors in recent years and are now able to reap the rewards.” For the cooperation headquarters in Bad Nauheim/Karlsruhe this means that the buying volume achieved by the end of June 2017 will have increased by more than 5 % compared to the same period of the previous year.

Roofs & facades/construction metals, drywall installation and insulation materials as well as building construction together made an above average contribution to the positive result. They are the goods categories with the greatest turnover volume in the cooperation.

Underground engineering/gardening and landscaping have also done very good business and are benefiting from the increased investments from the federation, states and communes and are gaining a share in the building construction business. The categories retail trade, tiles/natural stone as well as wood and construction elements have also developed well since the first half-year 2016 although the growth is slightly below that of the whole cooperation.

“In previous years, the turnover volume of the first six months has always been slightly below that of the second half-year,” explains Ulrich Wolf who is already aiming to cross the 6 billion euro mark in December. “We know that this is not in our hands but in those of our partners as they are the ones who do the business. And we know that we can rely on our specialist retailers.” The management chairman feels it is unlikely that this figure will not be achieved – a result which would also be the perfect finish for his final year in office: “Only a force majeure could prevent this.”