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A new year, new power

As of the New Year, further reinforcements are to enter EUROBAUSTOFF.

Therefore, the specialist trade cooperation for building materials, wood and tiles will not only be able to greet the previous BEZ shareholders as well as the five Holz+Co. shareholders as their EUROBAUSTOFF colleagues, but also Heinz Baustoffe in Ingolstadt and Neuburg/Danube., E.Raiss Baustoffhandel in Thannhausen with 15 locations mainly situated in Bavaria and the new federal states, and the Holzhändler Gebhardt from Cham will then become part of Europe’s number 1.

(from left): Karl-Heinz Rajkowski (EUROBAUSTOFF), Lutz Brinkmann (EUROBAUSTOFF), Jochen Müller (Managing Director of E. Raiss GmbH + Co. Baustoffhandel KG) and the employees responsible.

The traditional company Raiss has for 60 years been a reliable factor on the market and mainly provides professional customers, but also private customers with high levels of specialist competence. Raiss is a full-range provider in the business fields building construction, civil engineering, landscaping, building elements and natural stone. Raiss employs over 250 highly-motivated employees across Germany at 15 locations with a training rate of eight percent.

Landscaping exhibitions, Swabia’s largest natural stone exhibition and high-performance Logistics round off the program offered by this wide-ranging construction material trader. By entering the EUROBAUSTOFF cooperation, Raiss is making a further important step towards their future-proof development, and is looking forward to the intensive collaboration.
Heinz Baustoffe is a family-run company established in Upper Bavarian Ingolstadt, with over 40 years of branch experience. In addition to the construction materials trade in Ingolstadt and Neuburg/Do., an earthworks company and a ready-mix concrete and concrete recycling company are operated in Ingolstadt. 44 employees and eight trainees work in the construction materials trade.

The timber wholesaler Gebhardt with the “Gebhardt timber centre” in Cham and the “Ehmann timber centre” in Neumarkt are also to become shareholders in the EUROBAUSTOFF cooperation on 1st January 2018. On 1st July 2016, the two locations already commenced their activities as timber logistics specialists for EUROBAUSTOFF under the management of Jim Gebhardt.

The departing Holzring shareholder can look back on years of tradition: the Gebhardt success story began in 1829 with a colonial wares business. The entry into the timber branch took place in 1890 with the processing of wood. Currently, Gebhardt has over 93,000 m2 site area, of which 38,000 m2 are developed.

Sawn timbers, high-grade timbers and building timbers, construction timbers and planed goods, decorative and construction wood materials, floors, walls and ceiling, patio wood and interior and glass doors are stored in the modern warehouse halls.  
31 trucks, nine freight forwarding trucks, 30 fork-lifters and four order-picking devices stand ready for the complex logistics. Customers are supplied daily within an area of 140 km around Cham and Neumarkt. Cham offers the complete product range, whereas Neumarkt concentrates on wood construction products, floors and doors.  
Professional processors and their customers are provided with consultation in the exhibition area extending across more than 800 m2 using samples from all ranges and products. Over 200 employees ensure that the customers in Bavaria, mainly joiners, shop-fitters and carpenters and wooden construction companies feel well-cared for at Gebhardt and Ehmann.